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Miscellaneous Supplies
       Final Touches

Add a special touch to your pottery or ceramics. Repair treasured pieces during or after building them.

Item Description
Bamboo Teapot Handles Sizes from 3-7 inches

Corks All sizes in rough and smooth surfaces. Please specify top and bottom dimensions when ordering.

Cork or Felt Sticky backing for tiles, etc.

Darwii Modeling/Repair Air Drying Clay Perfect for repair of ceramics and wood items. Sculpture use also.

Glue 1oz. tube for mending ceramics, glass, metal, wood, plastic, tile, shells, and many other materials.

Magic Mender Repairs ceramics in greenware or bisque stage.

Mason Stain More than 150 colors available.
Stable to cone 10.

Potter Plaster 50 pound bags: #1 Potter's Plaster, and other brands available.

Raw Chemical Materials For glaze and clay makers. Some instock; some special orders.

Rubber Bands For Molds: 3 inch to 9 inch sizes.

Tiles Various shapes and sizes; bisqued or glazed.


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