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About Rusty Kiln Pottery Studio
        Established 1954

Since 1954, Rusty Kiln Pottery Studio has supplied potters and sculpture with the materials they need to create beautiful pieces of art. We carry clay, glazes, tools, brushes, kilns, wheels, pug mills, venting systems, slab rollers, extruders and everything else you need for pottery, ceramics and sculpture. Give us a call anytime at: (860) 423-1550.

Service and support are of primary importance to us. The Rusty Kiln van is on the road servicing kilns, wheels and other mechanical equipment, as well as making deliveries Monday through Friday, every week, throughout Connecticut.

We have moved to a more spacious building in North Windham.
Address Text
    136 Boulevard Road
    North Windham, CT

Drop by to see how we are going to use all this new space.

Puffer has been with Rusty Kiln since 1984.

She loves anyone who comes into the store (that is if she is not out hunting).

Pam & Les Giddings
Family Owned & Operated

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